The Bay by Metronomy

A music video for Metronomy set in Torquay, Devon. The metronome is not a device known for its deviation. It strikes a predictable, functional pattern. Each time Metronomy release an album, on the other hand, there is a scorched earth change of pace and tone. Yet the pulse never disappears, it just reanimates for a brand new dancefloor.

Directed by
David Wilson

Produced by
Patrick Craig

Production Company
Colonel Blimp

Director of Photography
Richard Stewart

Cynthia Lawrence John

Art Direction
Tim Gibson

2nd Unit Camera
James Durand

1st AD
James Dyer

Production Assistant
Genevieve Stevens

The girlsSiobhan

The boys on the wall

Joseph Mount stunt double
Harry Dwyer

Copyright to this video belongs to the original owner.
Video sourced from with permission from Vimeo.

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